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How to use Live auctions

Ancient system requirements

  • Recommended browser: Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox

    If you do not use the above browser, we recommend that you download and install.

    Internet Explorer , Microsoft Edge ,Apple Safari ,Smartphone (iphone Android)
    You can view live bidding history and live bidding, but please note that there is no video in the venue and you cannot hear the audio.

How to participate in Live Auction

  • 1. Register as a member

    To bid live, please sign up for a membership.
    If you register with your email address, you will receive a temporary registration email.
    Please access this registration URL and register again.




    * New members are not allowed to bid on items that are more than 1,000,000 yen.
    Please contact us by phone or e-mail two days in advance of the auction event.
    In some cases, you will need to send an image of your  driver's license.

  • 2.Log in to Live auction page

    You will be able to log in from the auction date.

    Click on the top page or the auction lot pop-up displayed on each page.

    Enter your registered email address and password in the login page.
    Please be sure to read the "terms and conditions of sale" and accept each matter to participate.

Live auction page

  • During a lot

    ① Click the "Bid" button to bid live with the amount of "Next Bid".
    ② If you bid, you'll see live auction bidding status as "LIVE(you)"
    In the case of a bid top, you will see "You are the highest bidder."
    ③ You can bid at a regular half-step price by clicking the "CUT Bit".
    * CUT Bit can be used only once per lot
    ④ The end of the bidding reception will be displayed "Fair Warning! Lot Closing".

    You cannot cancel live bidding. 
    Be careful not to make a mistake for the lot number you wish to bid.
    In this system, in order to prevent the simultaneous bid between the auctioneer of the floor, live with each other, we will not be bidding by clicking the "Bid" for 0.5 seconds after bidding.
    In the case of the bid top, we are not able to click the "Bid"

    Live bidding is not possible when there are multiple paddles on the floor or during breaks.

Ancient after the auction ends

  • By the following day of the auction date, I will mail the result of the bid to the email of the registration.
    Please check the email and attached invoice.

Flow of Bid

1. Register & Sign-In


To bid, you need to register and sign in.
If you register with your email address, you will receive a temporary registration email.
Please see the email, access the URL for this registration, and sign in for the membership.



2. Looking for coins

  • If you decide what you want to bid

    Enter the name of the coins in the "Search with in this auction".

    Enter the name of the specific product in the search by keyword.
    You can search for coins that match your keywords by entering multiple keywords, such as "1907 High".

    Also, if you have a catalog, jump to lot is also valid.

  • If you narrow down what you want to bid

    You can refine the coin by "Category" from the VIEW LOTS.

    You want to looking for Austrian coins and PCGS.

    Select " World Coins > Austria "  category.
    Select " PCGS" Slab.

    In addition, [Year], [Grade], [Price]

  • If you want to see the bidding situation

    You can sort the coins by different conditions.

    It is divided into "Lot No", "Price Low", "Price High", "Most Bid", "Least Bid" "Newest auction".

    If you want to see the high-priced coins , you select  "Price High".

    If you want to see coins that doesn't have a bid yet , you select "Least Bid"

    In the past auctions, if you want to find out the latest bid, you select "Newest auction".

  • Track the bidding

    If you want to keep track of the "Current Bid" changes or list only the coins you want to see, click  the "★"(Watch list) for each coin.

    The icon turns yellow.


    You can check your coins from the "My watch List"  and choose from the list to bid.

    If the "Current Bid" of the coin you watch changes, send an email.

3.How to bid

【On Payment For Auction Goods】

Please add 10% commission to the winning bid and 10% consumption tax on the commission to the winning bid before paying.

E.g.) A successful bid price of 100,000 yen.
Successful bid price 100,000 yen
Commission fee 10,000 yen
Consumption tax (10%) 1,000 yen
Total amount to be paid 111,000 yen


【Price increments】

"Price increments" is the price to be added to the "current price", which is the maximum bid amount, when bidding on a lot with bidders.

Price (JPY) Increment (JPY)
5,000 ~ 40,000 1,000
40,000 ~ 100,000 2,000
100,000 ~ 200,000 5,000
200,000 ~ 400,000 10,000
400,000 ~ 1,000,000 20,000
1,000,000 ~ 2,000,000 50,000
2,000,000 ~ 4,000,000 100,000
4,000,000 ~ 10,000,000 200,000
10,000,000 ~ 20,000,000 500,000
20,000,000 ~ 40,000,000 1,000,000
40,000,000 ~ 100,000,000 2,000,000


  • Enter a bid amount

    Cancel of bidding is not possible
    Be sure to bid before you consider the bid (lot number) and the highest bid price.

    You can bid multiple coins at the same time from the "VIEW LOTS".
    Input the price in the box.
    Click "Enter" in the box ,  go to the list at the bottom of the page.

    After you enter a price in multiple boxes, you can bid multiple bids by clicking the "Add to bid list"  at the bottom of the page.

    Click the "Submit Bids" to go to the bidding confirmation page.

    Max Bid Price ?
    The amount of money you think you can pay for coin. If you have more than the Next Bid , you will be able to decide in increments of 1 yen. If the Current Bid has been overtaken, the system will automatically bid for that amount. The highest bid can be changed at any time, unless the Current Bid is below.
  • Submit Bids

    Make sure your bids are correct.

    If there is no problem, click the "Bid(入札を確定させる)".
    We will send you an email of the bidding reception automatically.

    In addition, you can bid only one coin from the detail page,
    You can also bid from the "watch list" on "my page".

  • Check your bidding status

    Your bid completed.

    You can check the status of a bid from the "My bidding list" on my page.

    At the "Your Max Bid"
    Green color is the winning bid currently.
    Red color is the losing bid currently.

    The "Automatic bidding" system automatically bids the "Next Bid" to the highest bid price each time other bidders bid.

    From the " My Bidding List" , you can change the highest bid price, unless you are below the " Current Bid".

    Next Bid?
    The "Next Bid" is the minimum amount you can set when bidding. A lot without bidders is the same as the "Current Bid", and the lot with bidders is "Current Bid + Bid Increment".

4.Automatic Extension System

The auction has an automatic extension system.

If the "current bid" rises from 10 minutes before the bid deadline to the end, the end time will be extended by 10 minutes only for the target lot.


After that, if the "current bid" goes up within 10 minutes before the end, it will be extended over and over again.

  • 10 minutes before the end

    If you bid within 10 minutes before the end, the end time of the target lot will be extended by 10 minutes.


    If you win, this pop-up

    「The bid has been accepted. Your currently the highest bidder. The automatic extension system has extended the auction end time.」 


    If you lose, this pop-up

    「The automatic bid has been placed that exceeds your bid price. The automatic extension system has extended the auction end time.」

  • Lot to be extended

    You can filter the extended lots from the "Lot List".


    Please click the "Entry lot only".


    You can sort "Time is short" or "Time is Long"


  • My page (Watch or Bid List)

    You can check from "Watch" or "Bid List" on My Page.


    The remaining time countdown will continue, but the screen will not be updated automatically even if the "current bid" changes.


    If you want to check if the "current bid" has been updated,  push the "Refresh(最新の状態に更新)" button.

5.Auction Finish

  • After the bidding deadline

    After confirming the bid, we will mail the result of the bid to all bidders.

    The highest bidder will send an email with an invoice attached.

    In addition, you can see the results of the bid from the bid history of my page.


6.Payment , Receive

  • Payment

    After the auction ends, after the auction successful bid result mail arrives, please confirm the attached invoice (PDF) and remittance the price within 14 days.

    ・Payment is  bank transfer, visit store payment .
    ・Payment with paypal is also possible (We will charge you  payment fee 4.1% to total amount)

    ・Cancel of bidding is not possible.

  • Receive

    After confirming the deposit, the Ginza coin will be shipped in order.

Check the Estimate

Past Auctions

  • Past Auctions

    You can see a summary of past auctions of Ginza coins from past auctions, and if you select one auction, you will be moved to the listing screen.


    From the top screen of the auction list,


    You can search for keywords by category or auction.


    You can also view past auctions by selecting the "Past Auctions" tab from the list of exhibits.

  • Search by category or keywords

    You can refine the coin by "Category" from the VIEW LOTS.

    You want to looking for Austrian coins and PCGS.

    Select " World Coins > Austria "  category.
    Select " PCGS" Slab.

    In addition,  [Price]


Useful features

Save search criteria

  • You can refine the coin freely.

    [keywords], [Product Category], [state], [Slab] to save the search criteria combined from the group of categories, you can load at any time.


    You can also remove selected categories from the currently selected search criteria.

  • Alert

    If you have the following conditions, we will automatically send you the alert.


    ● Top bidder variable mail


    In a lot that was the top bid, if the other person has become the second place to bid


    -Current price fluctuation mail of the subject lot watch


    If there is a bid on the lot you are watching and the price changes now


    -Just before the bidding deadline mail


    We will send you two days prior to the bidding deadline for bidders with a bid number 2.